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sicilian-trinacriaJennifer’s Research Services

I have been researching since 1999 and what started as a hobby has become a passion and career! I mainly focus on families of Italian or Sicilian origin, but I do have experience in American records as well. I thoroughly enjoy researching for other people–It is just as exciting for me to find new information for others as it is for me to find something new for my own family!

Jennifer & David PetrinoPeople contact me for many different reasons and the journey of research is different for each of them. Some people just want to learn about their family. Some want to research back to Jesus if they can. 🙂 Some want to trace their families forward to the present day. Many are planning a trip to Italy or Sicily and want to visit their hometowns and meet long lost family members. While there are a lot of resources available, not everyone has the time to search through them and some do not have a Family History Center near them where they can access microfilms or online records. And those who do search through microfilms/online records often find themselves discouraged because the documents can be difficult to decipher (not to mention they are written in Italian, Latin and sometimes even French!).

Because of the large number of people I have worked for, I currently have over 1000 microfilms on indefinite loan at my local FHC for many different towns throughout Sicily and Italy. Click HERE to view the list of films I have available at my local Family History Center.

No matter what your experience or research goals are, I offer two types of research to help you reach those goals.

Full Family Searches

If you are interested in finding out all there is to know about your family, this is the search for you. Whether we will be starting at the very beginning or if you already know some information and you are ready to go more in depth, for an hourly fee, I will do all the work for you! Just sit back and watch your tree grow!

Specific Document Searches

If you are interested in obtaining  just a few specific documents, then this is the search for you. This is typically for microfilm research in the town of origin. If there is a specific document you need and you know the approximate date that the event occurred, the following fees for researching that document would apply:

  • First document: $50** each additional document from the same film $10
  • Hourly rate: $30

**The first document fee ($50) includes 1.5 hours of search time, a digital copy of the original record, complete translation and a research report, and postage (if necessary). If more than 1.5 hours of search time is necessary, this will be billed at $30/hour. If I find numerous documents on the same film, I do offer a discounted rate for the additional documents.

Contact me for more information!

Interested in one of the above research options? CONTACT ME to receive more in-depth information about the services I provide, the costs involved and what I would need to get started. I look forward to hearing from you!

FamilySearch Library Catalog

Family History Centers (FHC), run by the Mormon Church and FamilySearch, can provide access to vital records for most towns in Italy and Sicily (not to mention most towns around the world!). Civil registration documents (births, marriages, deaths) are available for anywhere from 1809-1910, with some towns even having records into the 1920s or later. Some towns even have church records that go back to the 1400’s (!!), census records and other interesting documents available. These vital records are an invaluable resource because most years are indexed making them easy to research and they contain all sorts of treasures, sometimes including street addresses, godparents, occupations and signatures! Plus, among the marriage documents of a bride and groom, you might gain four generations of information from birth and death certificates.

Unfortunately, FamilySearch stopped distributing microfilms in September 2017, but a lot of their materials are available online, have been indexed, or will be indexed/available online in the future. CLICK HERE to search the FamilySearch Library Catalog to see what resources are available for your town.

If you need a document from a time period for which there are no resources available, you may want to contact Giovanni Montanti. He resides in Italy but speaks English and assists American researchers by locating those hard-to-find documents! He is FAST, efficient, and affordable. You can contact him at his web site