Vital Records Databases


The Misilmeri and Ventimiglia Di Sicilia database links take you to Excel spreadsheets filled with indexes for the birth, marriage and death records that I have noted from the microfilms that are available from the Family History Centers of the Mormon Church. The Additional Town Databases page has similar Excel spreadsheets that I have made as well as links for other websites that have similar databases.


Misilmeri Databases | Ventimiglia di Sicilia Databases | Additional Town Databases


  • Many of the Excel databases are NOT complete indexes to the records on the films-they are only notes for people with surnames I have been researching. If you do not see a record for your family member or surname, it is very possible it IS on the microfilm but I did not make a note of that particular document.
  • There may be misspellings here and there due to transcription errors or the records being indecipherable. Consider name variations too!
  • Some listings are not complete or some part of the information is missing. This is because I only copied what I needed to know
  • If you find something in the database for your family member, I highly recommend you order the microfilm from which the information came and get a copy of the document yourself! Some documents were very hard to read and there could be mistakes in my transcription of the information. Never trust anything you find on the internet-always search for the source yourself!
  • Most columns are in “last name, first name” format to make for easier searching. However, when I first started entering information into the database 15 years ago, some columns were done in “first name last name” format. I am now going back and correcting this, but until that is completed, make sure you check those columns carefully.
  • When looking for a surname that has a Lo, Di, D’, or some other prefix to it, make sure you check for the name WITHOUT the prefix as well. Some records did not always have the prefix. For example, the name Di Pisa could be in the database only as Pisa. When looking for a surname that has a Lo, Di, D’ or some other prefix, look for it WITH and WITHOUT a space in between!
  • Records are added regularly as I view more films and make more notes. Bookmark this page so you can check back frequently to find out what has been added!
  • Records in red indicate members of my own family tree.
  • If you have any questions about information you see in the database, or you see something I need to correct, please CONTACT ME!