Over the years, Sicilian Family Tree has built extensive vital records databases for many towns in Italy, and especially for the towns of Misilmeri and Ventimiglia di Sicilia. Records are regularly added to the indexes as we research different surnames and different towns so be sure to bookmark this page so you can check back frequently to see what has been added. If you have any questions about information you see in one of our databases or you see information we need to correct, please Contact Us!

BEFORE YOU CLICK to view the databases using the links at the bottom of this page, please take a moment to read the tips below.

Name Variations

Be sure to check all possible variations of your surnames! Information was transcribed exactly as it was written on each record and there are often variations, even for the names of people in the same family.

Surname Prefixes

For surnames that have prefixes, such as Lo, Di, or D’, make sure to check for the name with and without the prefix. Also, be sure to look for the name with and without a space between the prefix and the main part of the surname. For example, Di Pisa might be found under Di Pisa, DiPisa, and/or Pisa.

Partial Listings

Marriage indexes may not have information filled in for both the bride and groom. This is because notes were taken only on the particular surname being researched and not on people who married into those families. 

Partial Indexes

The databases are NOT complete indexes showing every record that was made. Instead, they are notes only for specific surnames that have been researched. If you do not see a listing for your surname where you expected it to be, it is very possible it IS available but I did not make a note of that particular document.


There may be misspellings in the database due to records being indecipherable or damaged. Also, it is possible there were errors during the transcription process. For instance, Giuseppe have been entered as Giuseppa.

Get The Original

If you find something in the databases for your family member, seek out the original document to verify the information. Everything in the databases can be found either on FamilySearch or the Italian State Archives websites. Always seek out the original source for anything you find on the internet!

Visit The Databases