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Sicilian Family Tree hosts Surname Registries for the towns of Misilmeri and Ventimiglia di Sicilia. If your family comes from one of those towns, check the registries for possible relatives and add your own names too!

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Recently Jennifer participated in a podcast with Bob Sorrentino, who has a nice Italian Genealogy website at It was fun to do and he’s got quite a few other podcasts available with great topics like Dual Citizenship, living in Italy, Calabria and more. You can find all of the podcasts at Enjoy!

The Story of Sicily

A Short Film by Filmmaker Julien Zolli

Watch this short video over and over and over again. The scenery, the words, the beauty, the music, the sights, the sounds…It will make you want to get on a plane and go to Sicily right this very second. Love Love Love!

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