Additional Towns

Below are links to additional databases for different towns in Italy and Sicily. Some of these are links to databases that I have made, and some are links to other websites that have databases on them. Most have births, marriages and/or death records on them, some have family trees that have been made from the databases of information. If you have any questions about the databases, please feel free to CONTACT ME. If I made the database, I may be able to answer your questions! Enjoy and good luck! | Ancestry is slowly adding some very good Italian databases! They have also recently partnered with FamilySearch and they are adding some of the FamilySearch databases to Ancestry as a result. Remember, you can get those particular databases for FREE at Many of the Ancestry Italian databases are not searchable by name, but you can browse the actual documents which in my opinion is even better! It can be tedious and I think microfilms are quicker, but you can search at 2 in the
morning if you want! You have to pay for a subscription to this site, but many Family History Centers and libraries offer FREE access. | When the digitizing and indexing of the entire Mormon microfilm collection is completed, this is going to be the most awesome website in the world! There are already 138 Italian databases on the site, but don’t be deceived by that number. If you see your province or a town in your province listed with (Tribunale) or (State Archive) next to it, this indicates there are records for more than one town included. For example, at the top of the list is Italy, Agrigento, Agrigento, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1866-1942. While this looks like it has the City of Agrigento records, it actually has records for 30 towns within the Province of Agrigento! If the title you are looking at says Comune next to it, it is just records for that individual town.  Also helpful for Italian research on this site: the Brazilian and Argentinean Catholic Church records databases, not to mention thousands of other helpful databases!

Antenati-Gli Archivi per la Ricerca Anagrafica | This website has digitized images from different State Archives around Italy, including Napoli, Genoa, Bari, Firenze, Caltanissetta, Messina and L’Aquila, among others. The images can’t be saved or downloaded, but try taking a picture of your computer screen with your cell phone. Then you can save to your computer, enlarge and enhance as needed.

Archivio di Stato di Cosenza |  This website will allow you to search by surname any town within that province 1800-1900. It is searching draft records and will show you parent names, the town of birth, date of birth and more. Excellent if you only know your family is from this province, but you don’t know what town.

Public Record Center  |  This website has listings for many countries, including Italy. In the Italian section, there are some excellent links to various vital records databases.

Civil Records of Different Italian and Sicilian Towns | Too many towns to list ! Includes Marsala, towns in Africa, and so much more!

Catholic Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in Tunisia  | Thousands of Italians and Sicilians migrated to Tunisia in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This database is fantastic. The page is in French, but with some poking around you can find your names. There are 2 marriages charts-one alphabetized by groom, one by bride. Once you find your surname, it will give you the parish name.

If you have family from a town in the Province of Catanzaro, Cosenza or Reggio Calabria, be sure to check the appropriate link below.

Additional Links

The table below contains links to PDF files unless otherwise indicated within the comments.

Town Name/Province  Description, Record, & Date Added/ Updated
Africo, Reggio Calabria Province WEBSITE Births and Marriages 1866-1910
Alessandria della Rocca,
Agrigento Province
Births | Marriages | Deaths
Aragona, Agrigento Province Births | Marriages | Deaths
Augusta, Siracusa Province Births | Marriages | Deaths   All files updated 6/27/14
Barcellona Pozzo Di Gotto,
Messina Province
Births | Marriages | Deaths   All files updated 6/27/14
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Messina Province Complete Death Indexes for various years have been contributed by Carmelo Munafo. Thank You!! If you have any questions about these indexes, please direct them to Carmelo by clicking his full name, above!

1820 | 1821 | 1823 | 1824 | 1825 | 1826 | 1827 | 1829 | 1830 | 1832 | 1833 | 18341835 | 18361840 | 1857 | 1858 | 1859 | 1860 | 1865 | 1890 | 1892

Carmelo has also submitted complete marriage indexes for the following years:

1824 | 1825 | 1826 | 1827 | 1828 | 1829 | 1830 | 1831 | 1832 | 1833 | 1834 | 1835 | 1836 | 1837 | 1838 | 1839 | 1840 | 1841 | 1842 | 1843 | 1844 | 1845 | 1846 | 1847 | 1848 | 1849 | 1850

Barrafranca, Enna Province Marriages | Deaths
Baucina, Palermo Province Births | Marriages | Deaths
Bompietro & Alimena,
Palermo Province
Email Leslie Gatewood
Leslie has photocopies of the registers of births, marriages and deaths occurring between 1820-1865 for both towns!
Caccamo, Palermo Province Births |  Marriages | Deaths  All files updated 6/27/14
Capaci, Palermo Province Civil: BirthsMarriagesDeaths
Church: Baptisms | Marriages | Deaths
Carini, Palermo Province
This website has a huge database of transcribed marriage records going all the way back to the 1500’s!! You can also request specific lookups.
Castelmezzano, Potenza Province
Various records of birth, marriage and death extracted from microfilmed records 1809-1910
Castroreale, Messina Province Births | Marriages | Deaths  All files updated 6/27/14
Cefalu, Palermo Province Births | Marriages by Groom | Marriages by Bride | Deaths
There are over 2850 births, 1000 marriages and 1800 deaths!
Ciminna, Palermo Province Births | Marriages | Deaths
Contessa Entellina, Palermo Province
This site contains births, marriages and deaths for 1820-1865.
Firenze (Florence), Firenze Province
Baptisms from 1450-1900 for the city of Firenze (Florence). Absolutely awesome!
Isola Delle Femmine, Palermo Province Births | Marriages | Deaths
Isola Delle Femmine or Capaci
Great site for people researching Isola delle Femmine or Capaci. They have a surname registry also.
Lercara Friddi, Palermo Province Births | Marriages | Deaths  All files updated 6/27/14
Marcianise, Caserta Province Births | Marriages | Deaths  All files updated 6/27/14
Marianopoli, Caltanissetta Province
Email Leslie Gatewood
Leslie has photocopies of the registers for marriages and deaths 1820-1865, births 1820-1910 and church records back to the 1770’s also
Marineo, Palermo Province Births | Marriages | Deaths  All files updated 6/27/14
Marsala, Trapani Province Births | Marriages | Deaths
Montefusco, Avellino Province            WEBSITE Births and Deaths
Palermo, Palermo Province Hugh Tornabene has digitized the Marriage Indexes (1820-1895), birth indexes 1896-1905, birth indexes 1836-1885, and deaths 1820-1835. Thank you Hugh!
Partanna, Trapani Province Births | Marriages by Bride | Marriages by Groom | Deaths
Petralia Sottana, Palermo Province
Birth Index 1885-1895
Piana degli Albanesi, Palermo Province
 Births, Marriages and Deaths 1820-1920
Sambuca di Sicilia, Agrigento Province
This page has help for people researching Sambuca di Sicilia, and it includes a birth index for 1875-1899 plus 1852. Some years are only partial indexes, but still a great resource.
San Cataldo, Caltanissetta Province   WEBSITE Marriage and Death Indexes
San Marco Argentano,
Cosenza Province
There are two excellent links here. The WEBSITE link will take you to indexes of births, marriages and deaths for the town. Use the links up at the top of the page to explore the other very informative pages. Also, look for the flags at the top to see the page in your language of choice.The FAMILIES link will take you to the page that will show you the genealogies of the various surnames in the town and in some cases, they have photos too.
Santa Caterina Villarmosa,
Caltanissetta Province
Births, Marriages and Deaths
Santa Cristina Gela,
Palermo Province
Births, Marriages and Deaths
Santa Margherita di Belice, Agrigento Province Births | Marriages by Bride | Marriages by Groom | Deaths  All files updated 6/27/14
Sant’Elia Fiumerapido,
Frosinone Province
Births | Marriages by Bride | Marriages by Groom |  Deaths
Sciacca, Agrigento Province Births | Marriages | Deaths  Births/Marriages updated 6/27/14; Deaths updated 1/28/15
Termini Imerese, Palermo Province   WEBSITE This awesome site has two sections – a subscription section with over 110,000 transcribed births, marriages and deaths from 1820 thru 1910. As of 1/11/09 it is over 95% completed for births and deaths and 100% complete on the marriages – and a free searchable database where members have made entries of births, marriages or deaths for their ancestors in Termini Imerese. A cemetery records database will be added sometime in 2009.
Tito, Potenza Province WEBSITE Births, Marriages and Deaths for 1809-1910
Trabia, Palermo Province 1891 Death Index
Ustica, Palermo Province
This site represents and ongoing effort to translate, record and link genealogical information for the families of the islands of Ustica, Palermo Province, Italy, and their descendants in America.
Vallelunga Pratameno,
Caltanissetta Province
Births | Marriages | Deaths
Ventimiglia di Sicilia,
Palermo Province
Ventimiglia Vital Records
Vizzini, Catania Province
Almost 17,000 birth records, plus almost 4000 marriage records, and almost 12,000 military records for 1840-1910